Why Do We Use Grass-Fed Beef?

Here at Boston Jerky, we wanted to give our customers the best jerky product possible.  We felt that using grass-fed beef was a great way to do that.  Grass-fed beef has enormous health and environmental benefits.  

Health Benefits:

  • Fewer Calories - Grass-fed beef is lower in overall fat content.  This is due to their clean diet.  Feedlot cows also go through a lot of stress which leads to fattier meats.
  • Healthy Fats - Grass-fed beef contains up to six times more Omega-3s than grain-fed cows.  Omega 3s are known to help with alleviating arthritis, mental well being, and mental focus. 
  • Decreased Risk of Heart Disease - Grass-fed beef contains CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which has been shown to decrease heart risk. 

Environmental Benefits:

  • Reduced Greenhouse Gas - It has recently been found that grass-fed beef production actually had reduced greenhouse gas emissions when the carbon sequestration and storage of grassland pasture was considered.
  • Reduced Land & Increased Security - Grass-fed beef pastures are often not suitable for intensive crop production, grass farmers make use of marginal land to actually increase food security.

These are just a few reasons on why we selected grass-fed beef.  Most importantly it tastes delicious!

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