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How We Started

Founded by college friends Mike Tryba and Brandon Angiolillo in 2017, Boston Jerky, Co. was created to give a healthier, more natural alternative to what is on the market. It started when a family member bought Mike his first dehydrator in 2014 for his birthday. He was obsessed with it, using all different cuts of meat and different recipes. Family members, friends, and co-workers all were requesting it. That is where Brandon comes in, he is the recipe guru. After a few hours together and about six beers, they came up with the recipes you are eating today. There hasn't been a Super Bowl or bachelor party it hasn't been to since then. 

Brandon Angiolillo


If he owned a restaurant it would receive 4 Michelin stars, he's considered a cigar aficionado, and takes much pride in being a trained sommelier. But at the end of the day, his ideal night would entail perfecting his craft down at the gun range, tossing back a bag of Wicked Hot, and finishing it off with a nice glass of scotch. 

Michael Tryba


He was an accountant in his past life. You're most likely to find him on the golf course, or playing some beer league softball. Obviously his favorite meal is a grass-fed rib-eye.   

Alex Bistran

Director Of Marketing

Cut from beer league softball by Mike Tryba, he spends most of his time in the sand on a beach or a green side bunker with some cold beers, country jams, and a bag of ‘Wicked Original’.

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