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Best and worst stocking stuffers not named beef jerky - Part 1

Obviously a little bias...but also obviously 100% right. A healthy beef Jerky is the PERFECT stocking stuffer. It’s delicious, it’s nutritious, it’s a convenient size...oh, and it’s a great healthy snack stuffed with muscle powering protein...The list of reasons why it’s the perfect stocking stuffer is longer Santa’s Naughty list.

But we promised to give you the best and worst stocking stuffers NOT named beef here is a list of the honorable mentions and a list of stuff we wish mom would stop filling our stockings with...

Top 5 (6..oops) Best Stocking Stuffers:

  1.  Beef Jerky!...sorry...had to for obvious reasons. If you don’t agree...I dare you to order a bag of ‘Wicked Hot’ and call me out in the comment section. I.DARE.YOU.

1A. Cash - Nothings better than when Ole’ Money Bags (aka Grandpa) walks in on Christmas morning and slips a hundo into the stocking. Cash is King, no instructions, no batteries, no rules, no debate.

  1. Gift cards - Kind of like cash...but someone is helping you decide how to spend it. Bonus if the gift card is for food or coffee. Nothing beats a free meal...except cash and of course...jerky.
  1. Small tech gifts (Wireless headphones, bluetooth speakers, Amazon Firestick, etc.) - You know...the stuff you always see online and bookmark but never get around to actually buying them for yourself...yeah those things. Easier to cope with losing them after 3 weeks when someone else paid for them.
  1. Chapstick - Coffee, oxygen, money, jerky, and chapstick (especially the light blue Medicated Chap Stick brand chapstick) -  Life’s Essentials. Like the other essentials, you can never have too many chapsticks. They always seem to disappear as fast as Grandpa’s hundos so there’s no harm in having a few extras laying around...this goes for Grandpa’s hundos as well (someone print this blog and mail it to Grandpa before Christmas please, thank you).
  1. Silly adult cards games - Yes I’m an adult and yes I still love playing games. Break out your jerky and shuffle up some Cards Against Humanity, Who’s Most Likely To, or Family Feud After Hours - The games that collect dust in the closet until you get together with your college buddies. It’s these drunken nights that help us get through adulthood.

Don't agree? Comment the best stocking stuffers...and stay tuned for Part 2 when we discuss the worst stocking stuffers. 

And for those of you who made it this far, use promo code 'grassfed' for 15% off your stocking stuffer order now through Christmas Day!

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