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The day delicious 100% grass-fed beef jerky saved my life - no exaggerated details included

So picture this. It’s a beautiful sunny Monday morning. I jump into my freshly washed car with a full tank of gas and hit the road on my daily commute into the city. As I merge onto the highway, I noticed there is absolutely no traffic and I get to my office in no time, what a perfect morning!


Now picture the real scenario. I wake up late on Monday morning with no freshly ironed close to wear. This puts me even further behind…I jump into my car that is covered in pollen and bird shit to find my gas tank is on empty. Now incredibly behind, I merge onto the highway in the usual standstill that takes about 50 minutes to go 14 miles….but today is worse. Way worse. 

As I sit in traffic debating to throw my car in park and walk the remaining 10 miles or just simply breakdown in tears I get interrupted by a loud stomach growl. This might be literally the worst possible time to be starving. I can’t get off the highway to pick up dunks…I’m not even close to work yet…and I don’t want anyone to take photos of me scooping up road kill…

At this point, based on how awesome this morning was going I basically assume I’m dying. I’ll probably starve in my car causing more of a traffic jam for everyone else…oh well.

Quick text to the wife: *peace sign emoji*

As I try not to get sandwiched between two commuter buses I suddenly remember the emergency jerky I keep stashed in the consul for moments not really close to how shitty this moment is…but just for a random time where I’d probably want some jerky…

As I tear the top off the bag (specifically a bag of healthy, super delicious, 100% grass-fed Boston Jerky - Wicked Original) my car fills with the glorious aroma of high quality dried meats. I start to nibble…but I know and everyone else in traffic knows that the second I opened the bag there was no way I was going to seal it back up with anything remaining…other than that little packet thing that is supposed to keep the jerky fresh. Not sure what it’s called…but i'm sure the bosses do….(sorry bosses).

As I indulge in this wonderful morning treat, I forget I’m in traffic. My stomach stops growling and I can finally hear the radio…I don’t even care that I am going to be show up noticeably late. You know why? Because the most satisfying and convenient snack in the world saved my life….or really just cured my hanger…but who knows what could have happened if I didn’t have that bag of Boston Jerky.

So, the moral of the story: make sure you always have emergency jerky!

It is very important to have a bag of Boston Jerky within arms reach in case of a hangry emergency. It’s healthy, satisfying, easy to travel with or tuck away and it’s made from 100% uncured, grass-fed beef. Next time your hunger turns to anger and you find yourself without some jerky…don’t stay I didn’t try to help you!

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