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The top 10 things you MUST have in your golf bag that have absolutely nothing to do with golf

We aren’t talking about golf balls, tees, extra gloves or weather gear. We are talking about the top 10 things you need to have in your golf bag at all times…none of which are actually golf related.

In no particular order…but pretty much in order solely based on my personal opinion…

10. Business Cards: You never know who you’re going to be paired with. The nicer the course the better the chances you get paired with a stranger that is smarter, wealthier, and more connected than you. Maybe a client, maybe a mentor, or maybe a connection to your dream job. If you learn to golf at a high level, you’ll never be unemployed.

9. Cash: Not talking about walking around with your life savings stuffed into the side pockets, but having a wad of $1’s and $5’s can always get the competitive juices flowing. Five dollar closest to the pin? Yeah, I’m in.

8. TP/Wipes: This does not apply to all golfers or all golf courses…but when you gotta go, you gotta go. Pretty much the definition of one of those, ‘better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it’ situations.

7. Sunblock: Don’t let the sun ruin your back 9 or your weekend! I once left for a guys trip to Florida with no sunblock in the bag. We hit the course straight from the airport, I was so sunburnt by the turn I wore my windbreaker on the back 9 in 90 degree weather. Pretty sure I shot a 140 because I couldn’t bend my arms. Next 3 days were hell.

  Actual Image of my arm...                               VIA @RiggsBarstool from

6. Water: Water, oxygen and beef jerky (Boston Jerky!). The three things a human needs to survive…you’d be crazy not to have a bottle in the bag, especially if the weather is nice and the cart girl has a generous pour.

5. Portable Charger: Technology follows us everywhere, even to the golf course. Whether is to keep your phone charged to Instagram the scenic landscape or to power the par 3 cam, a dead phone shows no evidence of a hole in one.

4. Koozie: Anyone who’s ever teed it up with their buddies knows a hot summer round of golf is best with some ice cold beers. Koozie’s keep your beer cold…cold beer keeps the golfer happy…a happy golfer comes home with all their golf clubs.

3. Cold Beers: Not sure this one needs an explanation…but if so, see #4. Some courses charge $5-10/beer…when you need 12 a round, your better off leaving the rain gear at home and squeezing in as many as you can.

2. Bluetooth Speaker: Suns out, shades on, buzzin’ a bit from the brewskis…throwing on some beats and vibin’ can make the hot streak hotter…OR it can keep you out of the dark hole of depression after back to back 8’s…more likely the latter

1. Snacks (HERE COMES THE PLUG): Have you ever played golf hungry or hungover? It’s probably worse than playing sunburnt or with a waterlogged Pinacle. Making sure to have the ideal snack on hand during a golf round can prevent you from getting hangry and letting your round collapse before the third hole.

My super expert opinion is that the perfect golf snack needs to be something filling, delicious, and energy packing - not something sugary that will slow you down.  Ideally something light, small, and can last multiple rounds if not taken out of the bag. If you don’t know where I’m going with this…well…lol…

Yeah, you’ve guessed it..beef jerky is the perfect golf snack. It pairs well with a frosty bud light, its full of energy packed protein, it’s delicious and it slides right into the side pocket taking up almost no room in your bag. It doesn’t melt, it has a long shelf life, and it’s healthier than anything the cart girl is riding around with.

Don’t agree with my top 10? Comment below and let me know what I’m missing…

Looking to add some jerky to your golf bag? I’d suggest a few bags of ‘Wicked Original’…buy here!

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