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The day delicious 100% grass-fed beef jerky saved my life - no exaggerated details included

So picture this. It’s a beautiful sunny Monday morning. I jump into my freshly washed car with a full tank of gas and...

The top 10 things you MUST have in your golf bag that have absolutely nothing to do with golf

We aren’t talking about golf balls, tees, extra gloves or weather gear. We are talking about the top 10 things you ne...

Is beef jerky the ideal post workout snack?

A nice, hard workout results in damaged and broken down muscle tissue. It is very important to rest and eat right pos...

What does it mean for cattle to be grass-fed or grain-fed? What is the difference? Should we care? TELL ME!!

Okay, relax. Here we go… As seen in tv shows and movies with cowboys and farmers or on your computer background - cat...

Best and worst stocking stuffers not named beef jerky - Part 2

So last week you caught the best stocking stuffers not named beef jerky...not here you go, the worst. In case you are...

Best and worst stocking stuffers not named beef jerky - Part 1

Obviously a little bias...but also obviously 100% right. A healthy beef Jerky is the PERFECT stocking stuffer. It’s d...

Is a Sasquatch the only thing you need to fear with low quality, mass produced beef jerky?

In the event you’re ripping open a fresh bag of jerky in the woods…getting chased by a Sasquatch could very well be t...

Why Do We Use Grass-Fed Beef?

Here at Boston Jerky, we wanted to give our customers the best jerky product possible.  We felt that using grass-fed ...

Grass-fed Jerky Partners With Indoor Football!

Boston Jerky is proud to announce two new partnerships for the 2018 calendar year. What better way to start our busin...
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